Learning from Bapu

Lockdown hit in March. Amidst all the mopping, sweeping, cleaning routine, I decided to clean my bookshelf. As I was dusting the rarely touched out-of-sight uppermost shelf, out fell a book that I had bought…

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पढ़ेगा इंडिया

“अरी मुनिया तू आज इतनी जल्दी कैसे आ गयी? और चूड़ी के डब्बे ले आयी बाजार से?” “नहीं माई आज वहां की सड़क बंद है, हवलदार ने जाने नहीं दिया।” “हाय राम! आज हाट में…
Travel Tales

W-Women and Travel

Women Only Travel, Wanderlust, Solo Traveller, these are some of the terms we often hear for female travellers going it alone or in groups with other women. There is something very liberating about being on…
Travel Tales

R-Responsible Travel

Global travel industry has been booming for last few years, creating millions of jobs and revenue for the respective geographies. While on one side, it’s a welcome trend and a new sunshine sector for generating…

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Travel Tales

P - Prague, The Bohemian Soul

Prague, also known as Praha, the capital city of Czech Republic, was the capital of Kingdom of Bohemia and residence of Holy Roman Emperors, esp. King Charles IV. Prague is the cultural centre of Europe…