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Girl On the Train

It was the usual scene on the platform. Passengers rushed past to get to their coach in the train due for arrival in some time. Porters carrying heavy luggage, families with babies and children in…


दिल पर इतना बोझ न रखो, सिमटी इतनी सोच न रखो ले उधार शब्द थोड़े से दिल को जी भर कुछ कहने दोI जोड़ तोड़ दुनियादारी में, बेचारे मन को न कसोI दो लम्हा मन…


ये ऊँची इमारतें इनके नीचे दफन है कुछ पेड़, कुछ पंछियों के नीड़ शायद कोई संकरी गली छप्परों से ढकी जो झुग्गियों में तब्दील हुई कोई बहती नदी जो धीरे धीरे नाले में बदल गयी…

Travel Tales

Travel Tales

Z-Zero Point, Sikkim परबत वो सबसे ऊंचा

North Sikkim is the Upper Himalayan region in the state of Sikkim, which shares the border with China. It is marked by heavy army presence and unspoilt pristine beauty. In recent years, the region has…
Travel Tales

Kandy - The Cultural Capital Of Sri Lanka

Kandy is the second largest city in Sri Lanka and known as the Cultural Capital of the Island Nation. At a height of about 1600 ft., it is nestled between hills and dense tropical forest,…
Travel Tales

Jordanian Jaunt

Jordan, a peaceful oasis in the tumultuous Middle East Region, is a small country with past dating back to Palaeolithic Period. Jordan is landlocked, surrounded by Palestine, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iraq and a…
Travel Tales

L - Lachen, A Small Village in North Sikkim

“Great things are done when men and mountains meet; This is not done by jostling in the street.” -William Blake When life overwhelms, routines suffocate, air is too balmy, streets too crowded or mind too…

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