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Girl On the Train

It was the usual scene on the platform. Passengers rushed past to get to their coach in the train due for arrival in some time. Porters carrying heavy luggage, families with babies and children in…


दिल पर इतना बोझ न रखो, सिमटी इतनी सोच न रखो ले उधार शब्द थोड़े से दिल को जी भर कुछ कहने दोI जोड़ तोड़ दुनियादारी में, बेचारे मन को न कसोI दो लम्हा मन…


ये ऊँची इमारतें इनके नीचे दफन है कुछ पेड़, कुछ पंछियों के नीड़ शायद कोई संकरी गली छप्परों से ढकी जो झुग्गियों में तब्दील हुई कोई बहती नदी जो धीरे धीरे नाले में बदल गयी…

Travel Tales

Travel Tales

Q-The Quest to Wander and Wonder

‘Travel’ is often quoted as a passion, hobby, interest, a way to break the routine, go new places or countries, explore other geographies, cultures, weather, food, language, meet new people or simply marvel at nature’s…
Travel Tales

Of Flights, funny moments and more (Quirky Travel Tales)

Hello, it’s Day 6 of the Blogchatter A2Z Blogging Challenge and today I recount some funny moments that happen during travel while we are fretting about packing and missed flights and last minute prep. For…
Travel Tales

Kandy - The Cultural Capital Of Sri Lanka

Kandy is the second largest city in Sri Lanka and known as the Cultural Capital of the Island Nation. At a height of about 1600 ft., it is nestled between hills and dense tropical forest,…
Travel Tales

X -eXquisite Hoysala Architecture

Around 180 km from Bangalore,  110 km from Mysore, we set out for a trip towards Hassan, to visit two ancient temples near Belur, a small town in Karnataka. I was not expecting much, other…

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