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Girl On the Train

It was the usual scene on the platform. Passengers rushed past to get to their coach in the train due for arrival in some time. Porters carrying heavy luggage, families with babies and children in…


दिल पर इतना बोझ न रखो, सिमटी इतनी सोच न रखो ले उधार शब्द थोड़े से दिल को जी भर कुछ कहने दोI जोड़ तोड़ दुनियादारी में, बेचारे मन को न कसोI दो लम्हा मन…


ये ऊँची इमारतें इनके नीचे दफन है कुछ पेड़, कुछ पंछियों के नीड़ शायद कोई संकरी गली छप्परों से ढकी जो झुग्गियों में तब्दील हुई कोई बहती नदी जो धीरे धीरे नाले में बदल गयी…

Travel Tales

Travel Tales

Assam - The Wild Beauty (Quirky Travel Tales)

This is my first post for the #BlogchatterA2Z Blogging Challenge and I jump right in with my brand new blog, to share my travel stories. Now these stories are not about popular tourist places, landmarks,…
Travel Tales

Kandy - The Cultural Capital Of Sri Lanka

Kandy is the second largest city in Sri Lanka and known as the Cultural Capital of the Island Nation. At a height of about 1600 ft., it is nestled between hills and dense tropical forest,…
Travel Tales

Heavenly Havelock (Quirky Travel Tales)

Hello, I hope you are well. Since we can’t step out, I am reliving some outdoor time through the A2Z Blogging challenge. ‘H’ is fresh in my memory from the recent trip to Andaman and…
Travel Tales

YOL Camp, Dharamsala and more

YOL Camp is the name of a small place in Himachal, 10 km from Dharamsala and 15 km from Kangra. The small town was setup by British Indian Army in 1849 and a cantonment was…

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