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Learning from Bapu

Lockdown hit in March. Amidst all the mopping, sweeping, cleaning routine, I decided to clean my bookshelf. As I was dusting the rarely touched out-of-sight uppermost shelf, out fell a book that I had bought…


पकड़ अंगुली मेरी छोटी, ठुमक ठुमक कर चलती थी गले डाल कोमल सी बांहें, घंटों झूला करती थी कर कौतूहल से विस्मित अंखियाँ, ढेरों किस्से सुनती थी ज़रा उदास हो जाऊं मैं, झट गलबहियां करती…


फिर घिर आईं घटाएं काली, बरसन लगीं बूंद मतवाली ऊष्म धरा की तृप्त पिपासा, त्रस्त कृषक की जागी आशा। परबत नदी गगन जल प्लावित, इंद्र देव अवनी पर मोहित बरखा की बूंदों में नहाये, खग…

Travel Tales

Travel Tales

Jordanian Jaunt

Jordan, a peaceful oasis in the tumultuous Middle East Region, is a small country with past dating back to Palaeolithic Period. Jordan is landlocked, surrounded by Palestine, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iraq and a…
Travel Tales

In The Lanes Of Istanbul (Quirky Travel Tales)

Imagine you are in a modern bustling metropolis with trams, banks, shops with mannequins dressed in high couture and suddenly you are under a magic spell and happen to time travel to an old mystical…
Travel Tales

N- Narmada, The Sacred River

I find rivers intriguing. As a child, I journeyed through India aboard Bharatiya Rail and waited for the rumbling of iron rails of a rail bridge, every time train crossed over a river. Few moments…
Travel Tales

YOL Camp, Dharamsala and more

YOL Camp is the name of a small place in Himachal, 10 km from Dharamsala and 15 km from Kangra. The small town was setup by British Indian Army in 1849 and a cantonment was…

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Hi, I am Anjali.

Welcome to my little corner on the big wide web. What can you read here? Poetry, Travel Stories, Quirky Tales, Articles and more coming up.. Keep watching this space. Writing is my way of reaching out to the universe. The written word, an introvert's window to the world.