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Girl On the Train

It was the usual scene on the platform. Passengers rushed past to get to their coach in the train due for arrival in some time. Porters carrying heavy luggage, families with babies and children in…


दिल पर इतना बोझ न रखो, सिमटी इतनी सोच न रखो ले उधार शब्द थोड़े से दिल को जी भर कुछ कहने दोI जोड़ तोड़ दुनियादारी में, बेचारे मन को न कसोI दो लम्हा मन…


ये ऊँची इमारतें इनके नीचे दफन है कुछ पेड़, कुछ पंछियों के नीड़ शायद कोई संकरी गली छप्परों से ढकी जो झुग्गियों में तब्दील हुई कोई बहती नदी जो धीरे धीरे नाले में बदल गयी…

Travel Tales

Travel Tales

P - Prague, The Bohemian Soul

Prague, also known as Praha, the capital city of Czech Republic, was the capital of Kingdom of Bohemia and residence of Holy Roman Emperors, esp. King Charles IV. Prague is the cultural centre of Europe…
Travel Tales

N- Narmada, The Sacred River

I find rivers intriguing. As a child, I journeyed through India aboard Bharatiya Rail and waited for the rumbling of iron rails of a rail bridge, every time train crossed over a river. Few moments…
Travel Tales


Welcome to Day 4 of #BlogchatterA2Z Blogging Challenge. Today I’m opening the pages of my Dubai diaries and memories. I lived in Dubai for eight years, longest in any city and Dubai still feels like…
Travel Tales

T-Thekkady Spice Trail

Thekkady is one of popular hill stations in Kerala’s Western Ghat Mountains. Located on Tamilnadu Kerala border, Thekaddy is home to Periyar Tiger Reserve. While Munnar, a 90 km away from Thekkady, is more popular…

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