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One Little Birdie Planted My Garden

Of Lockdown Gardening, Birdie Buddies and Green Mates. Few years ago, I relocated back to India and set up home in Chennai. While packing off, I had given away my balcony full of plants to…

Water water everywhere

When I was 5 years old, I heard my grandma say, a day will come when even water will be sold. It didn’t take too many years for her words to turn into everyday reality….

कुछ लड़कियाँ 

बेल के जैसी लचीली होती हैं कुछ लड़कियाँ जहां तहां बेहिसाब उड़ती फिरती सपने देखा करती हैं कुछ लड़कियाँ थाम लेती हैं कभी किसी गुमसुम पेड़ का तना या स्वछन्द अपनी दिशा तय कर लेती…

Travel Tales

Travel Tales

T-Thekkady Spice Trail

Thekkady is one of popular hill stations in Kerala’s Western Ghat Mountains. Located on Tamilnadu Kerala border, Thekaddy is home to Periyar Tiger Reserve. While Munnar, a 90 km away from Thekkady, is more popular…
Travel Tales

M-Madras Is An Emotion (Quirky Travel Tales)

Call it cliché or filmy, popular culture sees Madras a certain way. It’s the Chennai Express or Rajnikanth effect. But, Madras is a lot more than Rajnikanth, Prabhudeva, Idly Dosa or Nariyal Pani. As many…
Travel Tales

Georgian cuisine and more (Quirky Travel Tales)

Hi, Welcome to Letter G of A2Z Blogging Challenge. Continuing the Quirky Travel Tales series, I am revisiting Georgia, no, not the one in US but the one located at the intersection of Europe and…
Travel Tales

In The Lanes Of Istanbul (Quirky Travel Tales)

Imagine you are in a modern bustling metropolis with trams, banks, shops with mannequins dressed in high couture and suddenly you are under a magic spell and happen to time travel to an old mystical…

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