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Learning from Bapu

Lockdown hit in March. Amidst all the mopping, sweeping, cleaning routine, I decided to clean my bookshelf. As I was dusting the rarely touched out-of-sight uppermost shelf, out fell a book that I had bought…


पकड़ अंगुली मेरी छोटी, ठुमक ठुमक कर चलती थी गले डाल कोमल सी बांहें, घंटों झूला करती थी कर कौतूहल से विस्मित अंखियाँ, ढेरों किस्से सुनती थी ज़रा उदास हो जाऊं मैं, झट गलबहियां करती…


फिर घिर आईं घटाएं काली, बरसन लगीं बूंद मतवाली ऊष्म धरा की तृप्त पिपासा, त्रस्त कृषक की जागी आशा। परबत नदी गगन जल प्लावित, इंद्र देव अवनी पर मोहित बरखा की बूंदों में नहाये, खग…

Travel Tales

Travel Tales

Bengal Sojourn (Quirky Travel Tales)

Welcome to Day 2 of #BlogchatterA2Z Blogging Challenge. Today I go back to Bengal. I started my first job in Calcutta, a city I had heard and read about but had never visited. I went…
Travel Tales

S-Safari Capital, Kenya

Kenya, also known as the Safari Capital of the world, has a considerable area devoted to wildlife habitats. I visited Kenya along with friends, without much planning or knowledge about the place. This was my…
Travel Tales

X -eXquisite Hoysala Architecture

Around 180 km from Bangalore,  110 km from Mysore, we set out for a trip towards Hassan, to visit two ancient temples near Belur, a small town in Karnataka. I was not expecting much, other…
Travel Tales

Heavenly Havelock (Quirky Travel Tales)

Hello, I hope you are well. Since we can’t step out, I am reliving some outdoor time through the A2Z Blogging challenge. ‘H’ is fresh in my memory from the recent trip to Andaman and…

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