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Girl On the Train

It was the usual scene on the platform. Passengers rushed past to get to their coach in the train due for arrival in some time. Porters carrying heavy luggage, families with babies and children in…


दिल पर इतना बोझ न रखो, सिमटी इतनी सोच न रखो ले उधार शब्द थोड़े से दिल को जी भर कुछ कहने दोI जोड़ तोड़ दुनियादारी में, बेचारे मन को न कसोI दो लम्हा मन…


ये ऊँची इमारतें इनके नीचे दफन है कुछ पेड़, कुछ पंछियों के नीड़ शायद कोई संकरी गली छप्परों से ढकी जो झुग्गियों में तब्दील हुई कोई बहती नदी जो धीरे धीरे नाले में बदल गयी…

Travel Tales

Travel Tales

Bengal Sojourn (Quirky Travel Tales)

Welcome to Day 2 of #BlogchatterA2Z Blogging Challenge. Today I go back to Bengal. I started my first job in Calcutta, a city I had heard and read about but had never visited. I went…
Travel Tales

YOL Camp, Dharamsala and more

YOL Camp is the name of a small place in Himachal, 10 km from Dharamsala and 15 km from Kangra. The small town was setup by British Indian Army in 1849 and a cantonment was…
Travel Tales

S-Safari Capital, Kenya

Kenya, also known as the Safari Capital of the world, has a considerable area devoted to wildlife habitats. I visited Kenya along with friends, without much planning or knowledge about the place. This was my…
Travel Tales

V- Vintage Vienna

Vienna or Wien is known as The City of Dreams, City of Music and it’s no exaggeration. Ranked top in ‘Quality of Life’ index, Vienna is a flourishing modern city retaining it’s medieval glory and…

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