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Comics Crazy - The 80's Child

Last October, I received a message that the private library franchise in my area is closing down. A pall of sadness came over me. Recently one of the longest running Hindi print magazine halted publication….

Colours Of Joy

Colours, Rang, the word, the sound itself evokes a sense of celebration and joy. I wonder what would the world look like without colour? The green of chlorophyll, the matte yellow of turmeric, the blue…

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Everyday, news and social media reminds me, today is the day for something. A reason to celebrate, to remember, to cherish and make memories. Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, Earth Day, Day for Rivers….

The Beauty Of Thrift

Some days you just want to take a break from routine, phone, kitchen and just do nothing. ‘Like just chill’ how my daughter would say this. Therefore, today I decided to just play with TV…

One Little Birdie Planted My Garden

Of Lockdown Gardening, Birdie Buddies and Green Mates. Few years ago, I relocated back to India and set up home in Chennai. While packing off, I had given away my balcony full of plants to…

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